Raised floor tile is waterproof and will allow water and air to flow under the tile. Cushion Anti-fatigue ergonomic, the cushion benefit of Staylock tiles, even without underlayment, is unmatched by any other product. These flooring tiles provide superior cushion and bounce support for intense aerobic X type workouts including P90x, aerobics, hip hop dance, crossfit, and more. These tiles can withstand the dropping of free weights and bear the weight of most exercise equipment. They are great for professional fitness centers or home workout gyms. These tiles are nonabsorbent and will not degrade over time. Designer Colors, staylock tiles are available in great looking designer colors including tan and brown. Mix and match your tiles to make a color design or get the look of a solid, full-color flooring tile for a fraction of the cost of colored rubber.

tiles to separate or shift over time. Simply push the interlocking tabs together by hand for a simple installation. No adhesives are required.

Greatmats, staylock tile Orange peel Black modular tiles feature a designer look with the benefits of a cushioned, aerobic floor. Staylock Orange peel is ideal for home gyms and professional studios. Staylock Orange peel modular tiles offer the durability of rubber and similar cushion of foam tiles in one easy-to-install flooring tile. The active connector locking system of this flooring will hold the tiles together and flat from tile over tile. Install on any indoor flooring surface including concrete or carpeting. Cut to fit around obstructions. Install in any configuration; easily take iskustva up and move. This durable pvc flooring does not need underlayment to provide outstanding ergonomic benefits in athletic floors, commercial working areas, or industrial foot traffic applications. Resistant to many acids and oils. Easy to keep clean. No waxing or finishing required.

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Description, back to top, ideal for home gyms, exercise rooms, basement flooring, and industrial fatigue flooring. Quick and easy diy installation featuring our Staylock hidden connector design. Upscale designer tile made in the usa. Durable, cushion fatigue benefits in your choice of designer colors. Waterproof and resistant to oils and acids. Tiles fit together tightly and will not separate over time. Typical lifespan of the Staylock tile is 20 years. Astm opleiding 1292 fall height rated at 20 inches. Use types, basement Floors, home gym Floors, Ergonomic Floors, fatigue flooring, cushion Tiles.

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