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Sweating during vigorous exercise also raises the body temperature, but actually decreases deep organ blood flow, which means very little detoxification takes place. When sitting quietly in your sauna, sweating passively, profound detoxification begins to occur. The skin, your largest detoxification organ, is activated as a toxin eliminator. This is in sharp contrast to sweating during aerobic exercise, which again does not result in meaningful removal of toxic organic chemicals and heavy metals. In todays toxic world no one can avoid exposure to harmful substances. Sauna therapy is a cornerstone of defense in the fight against toxin related illness and dysfunction. Longevity a recent landmark scientific study published in a major medical journal demonstrated a significant decrease in mortality (increase in longevity) with sauna use. .

physical therapy laser machine

Its been called many things: heat Therapy, sweat Therapy, hyperthermic Therapy, sauna Therapy. Sweat Lodge Therapy, heat Therapy is simple to achieve. All we must do is raise cell temperature by several degrees for several minutes to activate cellular heat therapy effects. What are these cellular heat therapy effects? Heat Shock Proteins are activated. Hsps repair misfolded and damaged proteins and also help make cellular detoxification more efficient.

Increased Cellular Metabolism, increased Oxygenation, when doing this in the prix tissues of the bodys core, we activate the whole bodys detoxification response. This is called whole-body or systemic heat therapy. Its the full-body heat therapy that results in dramatic healing effects for the entire organism: Increased Blood Flow to tissues, increased Tissue oxygenation. Vasodilation of Blood Vessels, so Blood Pressure decreases, even as Blood Circulation Increases. Increased Production of Human Growth Hormone. Increase Insulin Sensitivity/Reduced Insulin Resistance, activation of skin as Organ of Detoxification via passive sweating. We dramatically increasing blood-flow to the vital organs and skin, unlocking even hard to reach toxins.

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Furthermore, there are no photoreceptors for far infrared light in the human body, so that unlike near infrared lamp saunas, far infrared saunas only provide heat therapy, not near infrared light therapy. Traditional Wet/Finnish saunas only Provide heat Therapy, not Light Therapy. Traditional saunas produce heat generated by electricity or less commonly wood burning. They may be dry or wet. Wet saunas create laserontharing steam by utilizing steam generators or by throwing water on electrically-heated hot rocks. Dry saunas use electric heaters that typically emit harmful levels of electromagnetic energy (EMF). A typical dry finnish-type sauna operates at 180F or greater and heats the body from the outside. Heat Therapy for Detoxification, your Best Defense Against the modern Toxic World. Throughout history, humans have used sauna therapy as a safe and powerful means of detoxification, from Native american sweat lodges to finnish wood-fired saunas.

physical therapy laser machine

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More importantly, even when far-infrared light manages to penetrate up.5-2 inches into human tissue, it does not activate any cellular regenerative or anti-aging systems of healing. It only extra provides a heating effect on the cells. Far Infrared saunas Are the Wrong wavelength, Use Inferior Technology Lack Smart Design. Far infrared saunas use heating elements that mainly emit light in the far-infrared range (nir-c, 3000nm 1mm). These far infrared heating elements typically emit harmful levels of emf. Far infrared sauna manufacturers are forced to use expensive metal shielding to lower these high emf levels, which increases costs results in decreased far-infrared light emission into the sauna. In other words, low-emf far infrared saunas primarily rely on heating up the air around the sauna user to heat the users body, and are therefore little different than traditional saunas.

And our Red-Filtered Incandescent heat Lamps also dont emit any uv or blue light, so no killer wavelengths, as the sun emits. Why does Near Infrared Light Penetrate tissue triangle 5x or More deeply than Far Infrared Light? The human body has an optical window of light absorption of 600-1150nm. Thats because hemoglobin absorbs most all light below 600nm, which is all visible light except red light. On the other side of the optical window, water absorbs all light of wavelengths greater than 1150nm. . Far infrared light wavelengths start at about 3,000-10,000nm, so all far infrared light wavelengths are completely absorbed by water molecules. Since we have water molecules everywhere in our bodies, its obvious that far-infrared light wont every penetrate deeply; it is blocked by water in all tissues.

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Near Infrared Light, natures Most Powerful Nutrient. Near infrared light is contained within the spectrum of natural sunlight. In fact, sunlight that reaches the earths surface contains 52 to 55 near infrared light. . Its clear that humans and other animal and plant species, by natures design, have been programmed to utilize near infrared light to our benefit. The light therapy effects of NIr light cannot be overstated. The interaction of chromophores within our bodies with near infrared light is the key to understanding the power of NIr light. . The tungsten filaments in the incandescent light bulb produce the same beneficial visible red near infrared (also called nir-a, 600nm 950nm) elements of natural sunlight. . The tungsten-filament bulb not only emits the correct wavelengths prijs of light necessary for light therapy, they emit exclusively near infrared light and red light. Tungsten does not emit any significant amount of mid-infrared or far-infrared wavelengths of light.

Physical therapy laser machine
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