Akhenaten changed that by encouraging artists to portray him in other ways. This also made the human and caring side of the pharaoh visible. The archetype of the pharaohs no longer exclusively possessed male traits, but also female. One of the features of the new art style was that the bodies of the king and the queen had the same physical characteristics. For example, both would have narrow shoulders and wide hips. This way the male and female bodies were very similar. Again this seems to underline the equivalence between femininity and masculinity.

queen nefertiti sculpture , featuring, amongst other things: broad shoulders, beard and royal crown. The role of the pharaoh was to preserve harmony between the world of the gods and the world of man; all of the graphics were to emphasize this role. The human and personal side of the pharaoh was not taken into consideration. A pharaoh was not shown as an individual but as a male archetype.

At the bottom of the left column there is one cartouche featuring teveel the name akhenaten, and benen Nefertitis name is written in the cartouche on the right column. Equivalance, the fact that the name of the Aten was placed on the side of Akhenaten as well as on the side of Nefertiti is quite exceptional for Ancient Egypt. It is a sign that the position of the pharaoh and his wife is seen as equal. With this, the royal couple forms a connecting link between the divine world and the world of man. During previous periods this kind of unifying role was ususally reserved exclusively to the Pharaoh. Akhenaten changed this by sharing this role between himself and Nefertiti. The tenderness of holding each others hands and therefore showing their human side, suits the royal couple perfectly. Many more images were found featuring them in a variety of domestic scenes. Akhenaten and Nefertiti are shown here while playing and cuddling with their three daughters. Previously such a picture would have been unthinkable!

queen nefertiti sculpture

Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt - wikipedia

During a recent visit to the louvre museum in Paris, i thoroughly enjoyed studying the vast collection of artifacts from Ancient Egypt. One of the objects I came across was this statuette of a pharaoh, walking hand in hand with his wife. The human gesture depicted in this statuette truly evokes a feeling of both tenderness and equality. The couple seen here are Pharaoh Akhenaten and queen Nefertiti. The sculpture is quite rare and it is also the only artifact in the louvre in which Nefertiti can be seen completely. On waar the back of the statuette there are two columns, each containing three cartouches (six in total). At the top of both columns there are two cartouches containing the name of the Aten in hieroglyphics. The Aten is the deity (cosmic energy) to which the royal couple was dedicated.

Nefertiti bust - wikipedia

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queen nefertiti sculpture

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Nefertiti queen of Egypt

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Nefertiti, perhaps Egypt's Most beautiful queen

This beautiful Egyptian queen Nefertiti sculpture is made of high quality polyresin. Title: "Thumose's queen Nefertiti Egyptian Sculpture". Queen Nefertiti Sculpture: Medium. Egyptian queen Nefertiti bust Sculpture identical museum reproduction. It looks like queen Nefertiti, im not really certain, but she definitely looks like royalty. Carved Alabaster laser Onyx Stone Egyptian Bust queen Nefertiti bust Statue sculpture. It is likely, due to political expediency, that Antony's visage was made.

queen nefertiti sculpture

Bust of Contention: Nefertitis sculpture raises issues

Pic source nefertiti - alchetron. 883 x 1200 jpeg 711kB. 1/ed Brass Polish and Buffed, has a few scuff marks on the cosmetic front and back (see pictures)Brass business be able to fix it, country of Manufacture: India, bust: queen nefertiti, sculpture. This is a reproduction bronze sculptor of the famous queen of Egypt Nefertiti. Bronze bust of queen Nefertiti. Beautifully hand Crafted Bronze sculpture. Bust of queen Nefertiti, from the Studio of the Sculptor Thutmose. Queen Nefertiti Sculpture - medium - wu68104 - design Toscano. Large Egyptian queen Nefertiti bust Statue 18"h Detailed Craftsmanship Sculpture.

Nefertiti could possibly have been the daughter of ay, a top adviser who. A team led by german archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt discovered a sculpture on December 6, 1913, buried. "The journey of Life" i actually started this blog several years ago because several other old souls told me i was doing a disservice to the community by not participating. Akhenaton and nefertiti egyptian pharaoh queen stele sculpture reproduction. Add a comment (0). 1370 bc -. Iin 1912, rituals an exquisite limestone sculpture of her now-famous face was unearthed at the royal retreat of Amarna. Gallery images and information: queen Nefertiti Sculpture.

Ancient Egypt: Mummy of queen Nefertiti Brought to life

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Queen nefertiti sculpture
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