The lasting power is good but the white musk does tend to induce olfactory fatigue; you might think it's gone long before it really. (More than once when I thought it had quieted to a whisper, my family kindly informed me otherwise.). Verdict: Mon guerlain might best be seen as yet another fifth-generation spawn. Thierry mugler Angel via, lancôme's surprise blockbuster hit la vie est Belle, with the obligatory nod. Viktor rolf Flowerbomb along the way. Mon guerlain takes la vie's "Angel with Botox and a blow-out" and sends it back to the day spa for a chemical peel and dermal fillers; the result is a highly wearable, office to evening crowd-pleaser, less likely than its forebears to ruffle any feathers. If it's rather late to jump on this particular bandwagon, well, so in its time was la petite robe noire. Of the many other perfumes of Mon guerlain's class (in addition to la vie, i'd include.

guerlain perfume , and while there are other players, including a blended floral heart and a slightly bitter almond-ish undertone in the woody dry down, they remain firmly in the background. The whole is less weighty than you might expect — not sheer, exactly, but not deep and rich either. White musk, which along with vanilla tonka bean and a thin sandalwood makes up what I think of as the Thierry wasser / Sylvaine delacourte5 version of guerlinade, is strong after about an hour. It works here to keep the more gourmand elements in check, so that while mon guerlain is indisputably sweet, the finish is too clean to remind anyone of dessert, unless you happen to like your dessert plated with a drizzle of Tide.

The schouders brand's biggest selling fragrance, unless the recently released Mon guerlain has already surpassed it, is reportedly. La petite robe noire. La petite robe noire is fun in filler its own way, but it's hardly genius, much less category-defining. Still, it's sold quite well, and guerlain would like to build on that success, and expand their international name recognition while they're at it — their name recognition with the general perfume-buying public outside of France, at the moment, not being quite what. Terrence malick, who directed the commercial, surely got a nice fat fee as well. The conceit behind Mon guerlain is that perfumers. Thierry wasser and Delphine jelk "gleaned inspiration from Angelina jolie, the scents muse and its face if it's true, then perhaps their 2015 launch. Mon Exclusif (the limited edition with the stickers) was also inspired. Jolie, as by all accounts Mon Exclusif and Mon guerlain are noticeably similar.4. Mon guerlain, at any rate, is a "fresh oriental" with a gourmand bent, featuring notes of bergamot, paradisone (a "radiant floral" molecule from Firmenich carla lavender, jasmine, rose, vanilla, sandalwood, coumarin and iris. The opening is bright lemon candy, with a touch of berry and a diffuse hum of pale, clean and entirely declawed lavender — think of the soft lavender-lite in fragrances like.

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Tl;dr — a diet gourmand; meh. Perfumistas as a group tend towards. Guerlain -worship, and why shouldn't they? Jicky, hoofdhuid shalimar, après LOndée, lheure Bleue, mitsouko, chamade, vetiver : these are excellent good reasons. But the respect accorded the guerlain brand by perfumistas today, in 2017, continues to puzzle. It isn't like guerlain hasn't made anything worth smelling since their glory days, but my guess is that if you took all the brand's output in the modern era (let's say, 1990 and beyond) and you released it under some other, less illustrious brand name. Even if you love the recent guerlain fragrances — and don't get me wrong, i have liked quite a few — you'd have a hard time arguing that they've made anything that might be called "category-defining" since 1990, and many would argue you could easily.

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8 For the fall 2013 makeup collection, Olivier Echaudemaison, guerlian's Creative director of makeup since 2000 9 commented "Every season we fantasize with Natalia's image and invent for her a new role. For us, it is not just a model, which advertises cosmetics, but above all, a great actress". 10 In October 2011, the company named Malaysian actress Michelle yeoh as a new spokesmodel. Yeoh is an ambassador for the Orchidée impériale line of skincare. 11 Products edit guerlain's creations have long influenced the trends of perfumery with fragrances such as Jicky, shalimar, and Vétiver. Guerlain is among the few older houses (such as Caron ) that exist solely to produce and market perfumes. Many brands in the perfume industry, such as Chanel and jean Patou are in fact divisions of fashion houses or multinational conglomerates that license the brand name. Alongside its fragrances, today guerlain has expanded to offer a large range of makeup and skincare. Guerlain products are available across the world at serviced counters within department stores, and at beauty stores such as fellow lmvh brand Sephora.

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Fans of the house viewed the lvmh purchase as a step towards the cheapening and commercialization of the legendary firm's legacy. Most were unhappy with the first post-lvmh release, the 1996 sweet mimosa floral Champs-Elysées, composed by Olivier Cresp, whose entry was selected over that of jean-paul guerlain. Among the outside perfumers to compose perfumes for the firm after 1994 was Mathilde laurent, who worked for guerlain at the end of the 1990s and in the early 2000s. She composed Aqua allegorica pamplelune (1999) and Shalimar Light (2003, reattributed to jean-paul guerlain and relaunched in 2004 following reformulation). Maurice roucel, a perfumer of Symrise, composed l'instant de guerlain (2004) and Insolence (2006). As the niece of jean-Jacques guerlain, some thought Patricia de nicolaï would have been a candidate for the position of guerlain's in-house perfumer, 2 though the presence of a glass ceiling in the company prevented her selection for position., thierry wasser was named the in-house. Wasser, a swiss perfumer who used to work for Firmenich, created Iris Ganache (2007) and quand vient la Pluie (2007) for guerlain before his appointment the following year.

Jean-paul guerlain stayed on in an advisory consultant role, both for fragrance design and ingredients. Wasser will work closely kopen with Sylvaine delacourte, guerlain's Artistic Director. 4 In 2010, the lvmh group cut ties with jean-paul guerlain as their consultant due to his racially charged comments on French television. 5 6 7 Russian model Natalia vodianova has been the face of guerlain campaigns since 2008. Vodianova began advertising Shalimar to celebrate the perfume house's 180th birthday.

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Jacques composed his final perfume, ode (1955 with the assistance of his grandson, the then-18-year-old jean-paul guerlain. The fourth generation edit jean-paul guerlain was the last family master perfumer. He created guerlain's classic men's fragrances Vétiver (1959) and Habit rouge (1965). He also created Chant d'Arômes (1962 Chamade (1969 nahéma (1979 jardins de bagatelle (1983 and Samsara (1989 as well as Héritage and Coriolan in the 1990s. Jean-paul guerlain retired in 2002, but continued to serve as advisor to his successor until 2010, when he was terminated lycium after making a racist remark on French television regarding the inspiration for his scent Samsara. 1 With no heir from within the guerlain family to take over, the role of master perfumer is no longer tied to family succession. Purchase by the lvmh group edit In a decision widely seen as a break with tradition, the guerlain family sold the company to the luxury goods conglomerate moët Hennessy louis vuitton (lvmh) in 1994. Though jean-paul guerlain remained as an in-house perfumer until 2002, other perfumers were brought in after 1994 to compose perfumes for guerlain, and jean-paul had to submit his compositions against those of others.

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The house of guerlain thus began a long tradition whereby the position of master perfumer was handed down through the guerlain family. As guerlain's second generation in-house perfumer, aimé was the creator of many classic compositions, including. Fleur d'Italie (1884 rococo (1887) and, witte eau de cologne du coq (1894). However, many would argue that his greatest composition was 1889's Jicky, the first fragrance described as a "parfum" rather than an eau de cologne, and among the first to use synthetic ingredients alongside natural extracts. The third generation edit guerlain's Mitsouko the business was handed down to the sons of Gabriel guerlain: Jacques guerlain and pierre guerlain. Jacques, aimé's nephew, became guerlain's third master perfumer; he was the author of many of guerlain's most famous classics, which are still held in high esteem in the modern perfume industry. Many of his perfumes are still sold and marketed today. Among Jacques guerlain's most important creations are mouchoir de monsieur (1904 Après l'ondée (1906 l'heure Bleue (1912 mitsouko (1919 guerlain's flagship fragrance Shalimar (1925 and Vol de nuit (1933).

The success of the house under pierre-François peaked in 1853 with the creation. Eau de cologne Impériale for French Emperor, napoleon iii and his Spanish-French wife, empress Eugénie. This perfume earned pierre-François the prestigious title of being His Majesty's Official Perfumer. Guerlain went on to create perfumes for. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and, queen Isabella ii of Spain, among other royalty. Citation needed, the second generation edit. With the death of pierre-François in 1864, the house was left to his sons Aimé guerlain and Gabriel guerlain. The roles of perfumer and manager were divided vetten between the two brothers, with Gabriel managing and further expanding the house, and Aimé becoming the master perfumer.

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Guerlain (French pronunciation: ɡɛʁlɛ ) is a french perfume, cosmetics and skincare house, which is among the oldest in the world. Guerlain has a large customer following, and has traditionally been held in high esteem in the perfume industry. Many traditional guerlain fragrances are characterized by a common olfactory accord known as the "Guerlinade." Since 1994, guerlain has been held by a parent company, lvmh. Contents, history edit, guerlain's l'heure Bleue, the house of guerlain was owned and managed by members of the guerlain family from its inception in 1828 to 1994. It was acquired in 1994 by the. Lvmh group, a french multinational investment corporation specializing in luxury brands. Citation needed, the beginning edit, the house of guerlain was founded in 1828, when pierre-François Pascal guerlain opened his perfume store at 42, rue de rivoli in, paris. As both the founder and first perfumer of the house, pierre-François composed and manufactured custom fragrances with the help of his two sons, aimé and Gabriel. Through continued success and the patronage of members in high society, guerlain opened its flagship store at 15, rue de la paix in 1840, and put its mark on the parisian fashion scene.

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