Add to cart, aspen Summit 10-8 Cold Laser System. Add to cart, chattanooga vectra genisys Laser/ Electrotherapy/Ultrasound Combo controller. Our Price: 4,099, the Chattanooga vectra genisys Therapy system was designed to provide 6 different therapeutic modalities consolidated in one system. This product's versatility makes it the perfect addition to any practice. 8 different diode and cluster emitters can be used with this unit ranging in output energy between 100mW to 1440mW. The unit is fully portable, can sit on a table or mounted to the wall.

veterinary cold laser therapy is a class 4 rated laser that can range from 7 to 18 watts. Aspen Laser designed the summit series to be able to perform in a physical therapy setting as well as many veterinary surgical procedures. Add to cart, aspen Summit 18-9 Cold Laser System. Our Price: 17,995, aspen Lasers' summit Series is a class 4 rated laser that can range from 7 to 18 watts.

Aspen Pinnacle series 60-9, our Price: 38,995, the australian pinnacle series is the powerhouse of the Aspen Laser family. The user can adjust the wattage in this series between 1w up to 60w. This unit is also designed for the user to be able to go between protocols, wavelengths as well as probes within seconds, with just a touch of the screen, giving you maximum versatility. Add to cart, aspen Pinnacle Pro 30, our Price: 32,995. The pinnacle series is the powerhouse of the Aspen Laser family. The pinnacle pro laser System, floor model, will stay strong for you all day long regardless of patient load, patient condition, or treatment type. This unit is used by many health care practices due to it's versatility and power. Add to cart, aspen Pinnacle Pro 60, our Price: 42,995. Add to cart, aspen Summit 10-9 Cold Laser System. Our Price: 11,995, the Aspen Summit series of lasers is an elite baarn class of class 4 lasers with superior performance at a much lower price than their competition.

veterinary cold laser therapy

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The following is a list of veterinary cold lasers for use on companion pets like dogs, cats and small pets followed by an introduction to cold laser therapy for animals. There are no fda limitations for veterinary lasers so anyone can buy a class 1, 2, 3 or 4 laser but some manufacturers limit the sale of class 4 laser to untrained professionals. For very small animals and working with small body parts, consider a trigger point probe (or trigger point adapter) but for the majority of users, the larger the emitter head, the better. Higher power unit will be result in faster treatment times so if we you will be treating large areas or multiple animal, consider a class 3 or 4 laser. Just click in the "compare check block" and then click "compare" to see apple-to-apple comparison of the specs. Below the list of lasers is an introduction to cold lasers for treating dogs, cat and other small animals. Sort By: Most PopularPrice: Low to highPrice: High to lowTitleManufacturer.

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veterinary cold laser therapy

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Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification. Cold, laser Therapy is the use of laser light to stimulate biological processes that lead to faster healing and apparatuur pain relief. These lasers are non-invasive and use. Hey there, it is jeanette, your friendly. Veterinary, technician here to talk about lasers, cold Laser Therapy that. If you ve brought your four-legged baby in for. Cold laser therapy treatment pet laser therapy services available to Sharon lakes Animal Hospital clients in Charlotte nc area. Lllt / Cold Lasers improve healing and are a drug free analgesic. Veterinary Economic survey, reports that laser therapy is the #1 service to add or expand.

veterinary cold laser therapy

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Laser, therapy in, veterinary, medicine. Therapeutic laser has been referred to as low level laser and cold laser, but these are considered. Efficacy of bleken low level laser therapy on wound healing in dogs. Veterinary, surgery singh,., Bhargava. Laser therapy is a valuable pain management tool for older dogs with arthritis or those. Unlike surgical lasers that cut through tissue, therapy lasers—or cold. Companion, therapy, laser System. Good Morning America s 2009. Pet Product of the year!

Arthritis pain, back pain, bite wounds, cystitis. Degenerative joint disease, gingivitis, hip zonder dysplasia, hot spots. Lick granulomas, periodontal disease, veterinary surgery incisions, obtaining Relief for your Pet. Once our veterinarians have determined that your cat or dog would benefit from this pet care therapy, a treatment program will be scheduled with one of our highly skilled veterinary technicians. The procedure is quick and painless - so much so, in fact, for some pets it feels like a comforting massage. Cold laser therapy is also cost effective, so you can provide your cat or dog pain relief without inflicting undue suffering on your bank account. If you would like to learn more about cold laser therapy and how it could benefit your pet, please contact us today!

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No one wants to see a beloved cat or dog experience pain. Whether it's due to a hot spot, a bite wound, hip citroen dysplasia, or arthritis, the discomfort in a pet's eyes can be heartbreaking. That's why at Sharon lakes Animal Hospital, we believe in using cold laser therapy to provide advanced pain relief. How It Works, our veterinary clinic is equipped with the companion Therapy laser, which uses a class-4 (cold) laser to penetrate a pet's tissues, decrease inflammation and pain, and speed up the healing process. In the case of external wounds or ailments, this helps to make the area less irritated, resulting in reduced licking and a more rapid recovery time. The cold laser is also helpful in the case of surgical incisions, such as with a spay operation. As a service to our patients, we include a laser treatment for those surgeries where it will be of benefit. Physicians use the same cold laser technology to treat humans, and we are pleased to make it available to our valued pet patients. What It Treats, some of the pet health conditions that may benefit from cold laser therapy include: Anal sac infections.

Veterinary cold laser therapy
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